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Environmental Engineering

THE BIGGEST ESTATES AND AUCTIONEERS recognizes the importance of preserving and improving the natural environment and its resources to the continuous survival of mankind.

We propose the most favorable technical solutions for sustainable development of the environment through green engineering and industrial ecology.

We prepare environmental impact assessment of all proposed engineering projects.

Geo-Technical Engineering

We undertake geo-technical investigations for design and construction of structures including buildings and bridges foundations, pavements, sub grades, and earthworks.

We also investigate site conditions and design different types of foundations.

Structural Engineering

The Biggest Estates and Auctioneers undertakes design and analysis of engineering structures including buildings, pavements and bridges.

We design structures to successfully resist the forces and stresses that act upon or arise with the natural forces. We also consider the durability and economy of implementing a design.

Geodetic Engineering

THE BIGGEST ESTATES AND AUCTIONEERS utilizes modern surveying systems for photographic surveys and designs.

Our services include general land surveys, engineering surveying for building construction, road, pipeline and bridge, cad-astral surveying in order to define and establish land boundaries, plans for title & deed registration, digital mapping (GPS), route alignment designs and setting out.